Tips & Tricks

Here you’ll find information on creating a content calendar, utilizing social media dashboards, changes in social media and much more.

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Your website is your social media hub.

Website tips:

A functional website is critical to your business. We are fortunate in the eastern Sierra to have talented web design right here. Find someone who understands you, your business, and your mission and work with him or her to create the right website for you.

Snowline Web Solutions

Mountain Studio

Nils Davis Design

If you are DIY kind of person, WordPress is where you want to build your site. Find tutorials on WordPress,, or google for many more online.

Social Media Tips:

You may find it helpful to utilize a social media dashboard. A dashboard puts all your social media accounts under one login and in one place, making it easier for you to regularly update and post. Good ones to try are:



Tweetdeck (for Twitter accounts)