photo of cluttered desk

I’m not starting fresh, but I’m starting renewed.

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Ah, New Year’s Day. You suck us in like kids on the first day of school, feeling like all things are possible. We write our lists, we vow to be more productive, better to ourselves, and really do it this year!

I’m going to try something slightly different this year, since what I want to accomplish is often pretty close to last year. This year I’m going to work on eliminating the road blocks that may have kept me from accomplishing what I wanted to last year.

photo of cluttered desk

For example, I have three websites in the works but I procrastinate working on them. Why? Because I’ve hit a roadblock on each one and I know that researching and learning what I need to know to get past that hurdle is going to take some time. And I feel pressed for time, so I just move on to a task I know I can complete. But this is keeping me from accomplishing one of my goals – to design and build more websites.

Yesterday I took action. I identified the roadblock, brainstormed some ways to address it and put in a call to a friend and much more experienced website developer. Who yes, indeed, will help me when I need help.

Wow, how easy was that? And why didn’t I see that reaching out would be the answer a year ago?

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So that is my New Year’s resolution. And it covers all aspects of my life. If I want to get into better shape for riding, then I’m going to figure out what is stopping me and then brainstorm ways around that. If I want to be more creative, then I’m going to look for the things that keep me from it and work around them. Or over them.

I’ll let you know how it goes – maybe three months from now. And if you have similar resolutions I’d love to hear about them. Just let me know in the comments.

Happy New Year!