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Good news from WP Engine

As a new website developer, I’m constantly worrying over details and learning new tips, tricks and having AH HA moments. One of the first was when I realized my client had already signed up with and paid for GoDaddy’s theme builder and wanted me to build his website using that. Oh, okay… there goes my ability to manage all my cool WordPress functionality! But that went okay in the end (still working out a few design bugs but we’ll get through it), and my next two designs are WordPress. Hooray!

But, who’s going to host them? I don’t have (or want) to maintain my own server. I’m not interested in providing web hosting. I’ll do updates and maintain a site, of course, but don’t really need or want to be juggling the monthly billing of hosting. So what to do?

Fortunately, as I logged on to WP Engine today I saw the banner about the blog post describing the new transferable installs. Ta-da! Now I can build and test the site, then transfer the whole kit and kaboodle over to the client’s account. Simple, clean, and elegant. I’ll know where to go to update, but I won’t need to host the site myself or bill my client beyond my services. Awesome solution – thank you to the WP Engine team.

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