photo of woman holding a cellphone

Getting that social media train rolling

I’m reading a great book right now on the acceleration of, well, essentially everything, which is causing a fair amount of distress in the lives of many of us. We are bombarded with information, tasks, tools, lists, schedules, and advice on a daily, if not hourly basis. It used to be the email inbox that got full, but now there’s Twitter, and Messenger, and Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook…. the list keeps growing every day it seems and everyone has something to say to us.

When I get a call for help these days, its usually someone who knows he or she needs to be on social media but is finding it’s such a daunting task to get started. Where to start, what to post, where to post, how often and how long, and how to get to the people you want to hear your message. It’s a big task. We all stress over it, whether we are professional social media managers with a lot of experience behind us, or just starting out with maybe limited personal experience on a few platforms. It doesn’t hurt to get some help, at least at the start.

I tell potential and new clients just what I’m telling you here: take a deep breath, try to figure out where your customers and potential customers are on social media and start there. Start on one platform and develop a consistency, then move to the next platform. Watch the analytics and adapt. Move slowly but steadily.

There is a lot of help online. Entrepreneur has a great 10-step plan. Constant Contact listed 50 Tips for getting started on Social Media. Call someone like me in your area – we can help you get the train rolling and then hand it back to you. But whatever you do, don’t do nothing… it’s past time to have your business presence on social media.