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Creating your YouTube Channel

One of the many great features of having a Gmail or Google+ page is the ability to easily add a YouTube Channel and customize it for your company. I’ve gone to Google Apps for all my mail and business accounts – there’s a monthly cost to establish the account and keep it, but I find it so useful to have access to Google Drive for all our team members, and Gmail is really secure and reliable.

How To Set Up Your Business YouTube Channel If You Have a Google+ Business Page

First, sign into your google account and create a YouTube Channel for yourself (even if you don’t plan on using it). Choose YouTube from the Google+ menu (you may have to go to “More” the first time). Once you are in YouTube, choose any action that would require you to have a channel – such as upload a video or create a playlist. You’ll be prompted to establish a channel, so follow the prompts.

Next, go to all my channels and you should see your page listed there. Choose it to create a YouTube Channel that will be linked to your business page. Don’t create a new channel. If you don’t see your Google+ business page, you may need to make sure you are a manager of the page you are trying to create the channel for, then go through the process again. Fill out all the details and you’ll be taken to your new channel, which will probably only have your business name and your profile photo.

Personalize Your Channel Art

The first thing you are going to want to do is to create a captivating channel art photo. You can check here for some tips, and download a channel art template. I recommend using the template with a photo editing software, like Photoshop, or handing the template off to your favorite designer. The template insures that your channel art is going to look good on all platforms, from mobile to TV screens. If you are going for simplicity, just make sure your photo is 2560 x 1440 px.

Once you’ve created your image, click on the edit link (the pencil) in the upper right corner of the channel art area, and upload the photo. Adjust the crop if needed, and save. If you want to change the channel icon, you’ll need to navigate back to your Google+ business page, and change it there.

Add a Channel Description

Now, add a good channel description. You want to highlight your best content and attract subscribers, so make it appealing. Are  you the best at cat videos? Then tell people that! Or are you offering exclusive behind the scenes videos, tutorials, or local insights? Whatever your channel has to offer, put it in your description.

Upload & Format Content

Now comes the fun part – uploading videos, adding sections, creating a trailer and playlists. Take the time when uploading your videos to complete all the description areas and put them into playlists that make sense and will attract additional viewers. Google has some great suggestions for business YouTube channels here.

You certainly don’t have to finish it all in one session, but once you have the channel do your best to upload some videos and get some content organized. Then, share your videos on social media and embed them in your website or on Facebook.

Now you are officially on your way to being a YouTube star! Like any other social media site or platform, you’ll want to pay attention to your video channel and regularly add and update information.

Let me know if you need help; especially with graphics or image editing. And post a link to your channel once it is live.