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A Short List of Social Media No-Nos

Normally I’m not one to say no and don’t  very often – I believe in letting you figure it out on your own and not giving you a lot of negatives. Positive is my motto.

But today I’m breaking from my comfort zone and giving you my short list of social media no-nos. I don’t want you doing these things, as they’ll come back to bite you! Social media is a wonderful (and necessary) place to build your brand and develop your band of devoted followers, but do it wrong and you’ll end up alienating most of the people you were hoping to attract.

photo of laptop with sunshine

  1. Don’t tag people when you are posting to sell. There is nothing more annoying than to check your notifications and find that you were tagged with about 30 other people just to get to your friends and followers. Bad form, people! If you want to get beyond your own network, pay to play. Figure out a marketing budget and use that to boost your posts to a new target audience. Don’t use your friends.
  2. Use your own image with restraint. Yes, you are the face of  your brand but if there’s one thing the internet has been successful at, it is in making us a society of narcissists. When I see post after post with a new selfie, a carefully staged candid, or a constantly changing profile photo I just roll my eyes. I guess if you are building an admiring audience for your latest hairstyle and clothing purchases, go for it, but if you are trying to promote the culture of your brand you might want to reconsider the narcissist angle.
  3. Remember the 80/20 rule – it’s there for a reason. Eighty percent of your posts should be about something other than your product and something that your audience (which you know, right?) will like, use, or appreciate. Humor, insight, research, beauty, behind-the-scenes… there are lists of things you can post about available on the internet. If you can’t find one let me know and I’ll send you one! Post interesting, relevant, unique content and your followers will love it. They’ll also tolerate and perhaps even read the twenty percent you devote to selling.
  4. Know when and how often to post. There are social media platforms you can post often on, and there are those you should use a little restraint with. If you don’t already know when and how frequently to post, try checking your analytics to see when your followers are online and how they are responding to your posts. Check with social media experts on best practices for the platforms you’re using. Call me for a consult if you need help.

And that’s it… the short list. I’d like to hear from you – are there others I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great day!